The main control factors of stenter process

- Sep 20, 2019-

The process of the stenter machine is determined by three factors, temperature, time and tension.

A) Temperature

The quality of the fabric is determined by the temperature control when the fabric is set by the stenter machine.Because after heat finalize the design, the degree that the creases existing on the original surface of the fabric are eliminated, the surface flatness is improved, the size thermal stability of the fabric and other service performance are all closely related to the height and height of heat finalize the design temperature.

B) Time

You have to reach a certain temperature before you can set it, and you have to heat it up.Therefore, the setting time is another important technological condition of the frame setting machine.After the fabric enters the heating zone, the time required for heating and setting can be roughly divided into the following parts: heating time, thermal penetration time, molecular adjustment time and cooling time.

Usually, for the tensioning machine thermal setting process quality control, mainly refers to the heating time, thermal penetration time and molecular adjustment time control, not including cooling time.If the term is regarded as a preheating effect, the setting time refers only to the time required for the second and third terms, that is, the time required for thermal penetration and molecular adjustment.

In general, the quality of the thermal setting process of the tensioning machine is mainly reflected in the control of heating and thermal penetration time for the fabric with different factors such as performance, area, weight, thermal conductivity of fiber and moisture content of the fabric.

C) Tension

As the tension on the surface of the fabric will change under certain conditions, the size thermal stability, strength and fracture elongation of the fabric will be affected to some extent.The thermal stability of warp dimension increases with the increase of warp overfeed, and the thermal stability of zonal dimension decreases with the increase of the tensile degree of gate width.

Therefore, good control of temperature, time and tension of these three factors, in the use of the frame setting machine to finalize the process, basically can ensure the quality of the process.

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