The daily operation and matters need attention of the rubber coating machine

- Oct 19, 2017-

The rubber coating machine is widely used, which has been applied in many fields, and has obtained the approval of many users. However, in the operation process of the rubber coating machine, as a user, we must comply with the corresponding safety norms to ensure the successful completion of the production work. So, do you know what aspects mainly need to pay attention to?

First, during using the rubber coating machine, operators need to add appropriate amount of glue in time. if necessary, operators should also improve the amount of glue. Because if the amount of glue is insufficient, it is easy to lead to low adhesion, so that it is difficult to achieve the desired production effect. Therefore, in the actual work, operators should carry on the appropriate adjustment combined with the specific situation.


Second, during the daily operation of the rubber coating machine, operators must do good self-protection with wearing appropriate protective clothing and protection tools. In particular, during the work, operators should avoid the body being scalded by the hyperthermal liquid melt adhesive or components. The third point is, for example, to develop good operating habits to ensure that operators operate according to the operating procedures and strictly abide by the safety production responsibility system.

Fourth, all staffs must pay attention to the security and protection of the rubber coating machine, which must not be ignored. If any abnormality is found, the professional staff should be requested to repair it in time. Before maintenance, be sure to turn off the power supply in case of accidents.

To sum up, in the whole production process, we must do the safety protection measures on production in advance. And make the rubber coating machine in accordance with the specified state of operation, to ensure the safety of operators, and better completion of production tasks.


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