The coating machine effective classification and use advantages

- Apr 04, 2018-

The coating machine can be directly used in the process of its operation. The requirements for the work of the screen printing plate making equipment are the same. During the operation, the performance of the coating machine will be effectively different according to different models and manufacturers, and the coating machine is The vertical frame is effectively equipped with a device that can clamp the frame.

The front and back of the screen area of the coating machine is mainly composed of a horizontal coating mechanism. Such an equipment mechanism is mainly composed of a coating tank and a mechanical part that controls the angle and pressure of the coating tank, and the coating opportunity is effective. Both ends are equipped with vertical support arms, which are effectively driven via their chains, cables and belts.

When the coating machine is running, it will make the mechanism move up and down. The whole device is coated along the surface of the wire mesh. The transmission mechanism of the entire device will be effectively connected to the variable frequency motor or servo, which will make its operation become Smooth and precise control of the position of its equipment.

Curtain coating machine Advantages

The curtain coater only requires one coating operation during operation, which can give the surface of the ink jet printing paper a three-layer structure, an absorbing layer, and can obtain a uniform coating on a non-uniform paper surface. Floor.

Slit coating machine advantages

The slit coater effectively includes the pump and the coating liquid storage tank to a certain degree, and effectively presses the coating liquid, which is effectively stored in the tank, through the supply line during the operation process. To the nozzle.

The control part of the slit coating machine is mainly used to control the operation of the pump and the nozzle in the process of use. The pressure monitoring part thereof is mainly used for monitoring the line pressure when the pressure is used, when the pressure reaches a predetermined pressure. The nozzle dispenses the coating solution under conditions.