The advantages of tent fabric coating machine glue and drying tunnel

- May 06, 2019-

The tent fabric coating machine coats the liquid material on the strip type material and makes it dry or solidified, so that the strip type data presents different effects. The guide roller in the tent fabric coating machine plays the role of stabilization and transmission, plays an insignificant role in the whole operation process of the coating machine, and is an indispensable structure. It is often necessary to stop the maintenance and timing of the guide roller. View.


The tent fabric coating machine glues oil, water glue, hot melt glue and radiation curing glue. The first two contain 30%-70% solid ingredients, the solvent is organic solvent and water, and the latter two are 100% solid content. glue. According to its composition, there are rubber glue, polyacrylate glue, thermoplastic elastomer glue and other polymer glue.


The tent fabric coating machine includes a frame and a back roller mechanism, a loading roller mechanism, a hopper mechanism, and a scraper disposed on the frame. The hopper mechanism of the product is an inverted trapezoidal cylinder structure, an inverted triangular cylinder structure or a semi-cylindrical structure, and the hopper mechanism is provided with a coating agent; after changing the shape of the loading mechanism and the height of the loading mechanism on the frame, The height of the feeding roller is not lower than the liquid level of the coating agent, the coating efficiency is ensured, and the coating agent is saved, and the coating machine has the advantages of simple and reasonable structure, high coating efficiency and average, and clearing of the liquid.


The tent fabric coater drying tunnel comprises a multi-stage cascading oven and a transfer installation through each oven for conveying the coating material. The drying tunnel adopts a single-side air blowing nozzle and a double-side air blowing nozzle to separate the coating materials, and the coating data is stopped to be dried. After the substrate is coated, the hot air drying is directly stopped by the single-side blowing air nozzle, thereby improving the boring efficiency of the slurry while ensuring The average of the