The advantages and conformity of the textile hot air stenter setting machine are permanent

- Apr 08, 2019-

Nowadays, the shape memory shaping curtains, after being installed on the wall, do not need to be ironed, and the shape setting effect is good, no matter whether it is bundled or washed after being put down, it is still the original appearance after being put down, the fabric is not wrinkled, the waves are still faint, cotton Curtains made of fabrics such as hemp or chemical fiber are processed by a high-temperature curtain setting machine to obtain any shape without any external force, and can be independently maintained in any form and exhibit any wrinkles. After washing, the surface can be restored to a flat or wrinkled state by hand. Any creases underneath, the conformal shape is permanent.


Advantages of textile hot air stenter setting machine

1. The cylinder block is made of high quality carbon steel or stainless steel. The setting machine can be durable, safe, environmentally friendly and has good pressure resistance.

2. With one-button start, the customer is easy to learn and operate, and the door sealing performance is good.

3. The textile hot air stenter setting machine series has various products, the circular series has good pressure resistance, various ways of opening the door and convenient operation.

The setting machine is an essential equipment for shaping textile products (gloves, curtains, socks, yarns). The new energy-saving setting machine produced by our company adopts automatic control and does not need manual operation. It has good effect in actual operation.