The advanced configuration and switching procedures of the banners coating machinery

- Dec 02, 2017-

The banner coating machine is a very common textile finishing equipment. Its working principle is to coat the rolled substrate with a specific function of glue, paint or ink. After drying process, it will take up the coil to make the material have different properties.


Due to the configuration of the coating machine has the high speed banner special coating head, can effectively reduce the formation of air bubbles, improve the quality of coating products; and its full automatic reeling are equipped with membrane mechanism, double or single station, closed-loop tension automatic control device, to ensure that each operation link is very accurate.


When the banner coating machine is used for coating, the first coating length deviation less than 1mm, the coating gap deviation is not greater than 1mm; and the second surface and the first surface of the maximum displacement is less than or equal to 0.5mm. In addition to coating length and clearance, other related parameters such as coating work mode, coating speed, roll speed ratio and so on should be clearly defined.


After the parameters of coating machine when the banner set, and then start the drying fan and drying temperature controller, automatic correction and tension controller and switch on the power supply; the temperature reaches the temperature after the equipment process requirements for coating device hopper, and start coating machine, coating cloth.



This is the banner coating machine start-up procedures, as well as its shutdown level must grasp, must be confirmed that the coated sheet has been wound after the shutdown; first and turn off the device heater power until the temperature dropped to paragraphs 60 degrees Celsius can stop drying fans and other fans; and then stop the compressed air, and then turn off the power and the control cabinet countermeasures.