Textile stenter machine operation process and use requirements

- Jun 09, 2018-

During the operation of the textile hot air setting machine, the red stop button on the panel and the operation of the chain are stopped. When the device is powered on, the indicator light flashes. During the operation, the guide cloth is effectively guided to the tenter chain and pressed. Under the overfeed wheel press the button for about 10 seconds until the push button indicator lights up. Turn on the motor in each part of the feeding mechanism to "1". Raise the sizing tank, put on the pressure of the rolling mill, open the motor of each part of the console (except the button to protect the entrance of the needle), and click the cloth total control button in the upper left corner of the cloth to green.

In the first half of the operation of the textile hot air stenter setting machine, in the process of operation, it is necessary to wait for the guide cloth to pass through the needle protection opening, and then effectively open the needle protection button on the needle to “1”, and guide the cloth to the oven to reach the cloth. When the roller is stopped, connect the guide cloth to the guide tape of the cloth discharging part. Click the cloth release mechanism total control button to green, open the cloth part of each motor to "1" (except the cooling drum tension motor switch) restart the machine to guide the guide cloth into the cloth rack and stop. Open the cooling cylinder tension motor switch to "1".

In the operation process, the textile stenter machine effectively clicks on the tenter chain control button to effectively enter its chain control interface, and can effectively input and determine the width according to the process requirements on the process card during the operation process.

Textile stenter machines need to find the fabrics they need to move to the place where the fabrics are to be clothed, and then they can be connected to the guide fabrics. When the material is put into the sizing tank, it will effectively fall into the package or vehicle according to the organization and process requirements of the cloth to be processed. Set the parameters of each part, preset the fast/medium slow in the weft cutter, and the left/right fast in the weft cutter according to the weft of the cloth to be processed. The ringing bell is notified to enter the falling cloth to prepare for power on. After the bell is ringing, press the power on button, the accelerometer lamp flashes, set the speed required by the process and confirm, and click the accelerating button to automatically increase the speed to the required speed.


Textile stenter machine needs to effectively guide its cloth into the operator's desk after finishing the cloth. During the running, it needs to tear the guide cloth, click the cloth general control button to red, and the needle needs to be closed when running. The button goes to "0".The second half of the machine is started. When the cloth reaches the cloth, the machine stops when the cloth reaches the overfeeding roller. Connect the guide cloth to the guide belt. Close the cooling cylinder tension motor to "0" to start the second half of the machine until the guide is completely out of the cloth frame. Close the cloth out control button to red, and start the machine to let the chain idle.