Textile hot air setting machine operation method

- Aug 11, 2018-

Under normal circumstances, each time the textile hot air setting machine is turned on, the on-site operator should confirm and carefully clean the foreign objects on the rail surface of the tension rail and the rack, and ensure that the ground in the range of one meter on both sides of the front and rear tension rails No obstacles. In order to avoid damage to the proximity switches and equipment installed on the ground. Remember to cover the proximity switch sensor board of the textile hot air setting machine and keep the surface clean.


If it is necessary to store the textile hot air setting machine for a long time, it should be evenly coated with anti-rust oil on the rail surface and the rack to prevent rust. When starting normally, just add a little oil to the rack to make the gears and gears flexible. Do not add oil to the rail surface to avoid slipping the roller and the rail surface.


In the actual operation process, it should be noted that there should be no hard object bumping and scratching the stretching roller surface of the textile hot air setting machine to keep the roller surface clean. The cable tray should be kept clean and free of foreign matter to avoid jamming and damage to the towline and cable. If you need to repair the front and rear stretching frame, the stretching roller should be properly erected, the shaft head stopper should be opened, and the stretching frame should be withdrawn.