Textile hot air heat setting stenter machine Preparation before falling off work

- Mar 22, 2019-

In the process of operating the textile hot air heat setting stenter machine, the operation and control of the falling link is an important task. First of all, we need to do the relevant preparations before proceeding. For example, we need to clean the surface of the textile hot air heat setting stenter machine equipment, the work surface, etc., especially the falling frame and the second half of the machine.


After that, you need to clean up the work site to ensure that it is avoided and the equipment is clean. In the second step, we need to pay attention to check whether the rear part of the equipment is normal, and check whether the auxiliary facilities such as the stacking car are complete, whether the setting of the guide cloth wearing route is reasonable, and whether the work requirements can be met.


After checking and confirming that there are no abnormal problems, the third step is to know the relevant materials and requirements in advance in order to grasp the process and quality requirements of the fabric to be processed, which also provides convenience for the later operation of the textile hot air heat setting stenter machine


The fourth step is to put the guide car in a suitable position, usually placed under the drop frame, and ready to empty the car, in order to receive and release the produced processing cloth. Finally, the appropriate empty roll holder should be selected according to the specific properties of the fabric to be treated and the production requirements. After that, the position layout should be properly adjusted to ensure that the package roller and the roll roller are parallel, and then the worker can simultaneously open the device to start the shaping operation.