Textile coating machinery process and precautions

- May 18, 2018-

A good process can effectively improve work efficiency and at the same time guarantee the quality of the treatment. Usually when using textile coating machines, the first step is to center the cloth, that is, to make all types of elastic cloths without tension on the cloth, and maintain the elasticity of the original cloth. It is followed by a slurry coating, a high-precision sizing coating head, and a high-speed transfer of a sizing point to ensure the coating effect of the textile coating machine.


The next step is the dusting coating process. With the continuous improvement of the technical level of textile coating machinery, the variable frequency and high-precision dusting powder amount of the equipment is easily controlled, ensuring a high dusting uniformity. Then we must enter into the frequency conversion powder suction link, blowing and suction powder on the basis of 6 blowing 6 suction band vibration, blowing and suction fan frequency control, all kinds of interlining powder suction clean, and maintain two-point beautiful appearance.


In actual production, the pulse back powder system in the textile coating machine has less noise, and at the same time, it also has the function of automatically recovering the remaining powder and making it recycled. In addition, super weft insertion effectively guarantees the performance and feel of the elastic interlining. The cooling box includes different cooling methods, such as cold water circulation, cold air convection, rapid cooling, etc. The speed is 80 meters per minute non-stick cloth.


It should be noted that in order to ensure the stable operation of the textile coating machine, the basic requirements must be met during the operation. First, the floating knife coating method requires the base cloth to be relatively smooth. For example, Oxford cloth, taffeta, etc., cloth, generally should not be pre-splash treatment, the base cloth should be rinsed and dried before coating to remove the softener, etc. Post-treatment finishing agent for knot strength.


In actual operation, proper control pressure of the textile coating machine is required, and in particular, the knife pressure must be controlled within an appropriate range in order to avoid causing a hard feeling. If the coating contains bubbles, you need to reduce the speed of walking. If the paint is hung behind the paint, the paint should be diluted to reduce the viscosity. Note that if the coating of the textile coating machine does not cure completely, it will affect the waterproof performance.