Textile coating industry organic waste gas processing method

- Sep 18, 2019-

Textile dyeing and finishing industry is one of the most competitive industries in China, And coating technology is a newly developed processing technology in textile finishing, Mainly in the fabric surface (base cloth) evenly coated with a layer or multiple layers of polymer film (coating agent), make its produce different function of a surface processing technology.Because it can endue the fabric various functions and unique style feel and appearance, and can greatly improve the added value of the product, its effect is difficult to achieve the general dyeing finishing.Therefore, in today's international market coating products emerge in endlessly that is widely used in clothing, luggage, automobile, furniture, decoration and other fields, the output increased year by year. However, the development of coating industry has brought serious environmental problems, especially the problem of waste gas pollution.The coating industrial glue generally contains 50% ~ 80% organic solvent, in the drying process, these solvents volatilize directly into the air, causing great pollution to the environment.

Handling method:

Existing coating waste gas treatment technologies mainly include water spraying, activated carbon adsorption, condensation recovery and combustion.

Condensation recovery method generally uses spray tower or packed tower, with water as the absorber to absorb the organic solvent in the waste gas.

Activated carbon adsorption includes adsorption purification and thermal deactivation regeneration.

Combustion method is divided into direct combustion method and catalytic combustion method.

However, at present, enterprises will be based on the characteristics of organic waste gas produced, generally using the combined treatment method, such as water spray + activated carbon adsorption combined treatment process that is simple, mature, high efficiency, economic and reasonable.

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