Tenter ironing device and moisture control

- Nov 10, 2017-

During the installation of the tenter, the two circular tracks of the tenter guide the respective drive carriage in the loop, which are opposite each other, the film of which passes between the loops, to which the synchronous secondary loops are connected While tenter iron is also attached to it to hold the edge of the film.

The slender primary coils of the stenter are positioned opposite one another on the stretch or front side of the film of each loop in use and they are adjacent to the synchronous secondary coil on the trolley, Synchronous secondary coil phase coupling. In the active area of the invention each primary coil comprises a plurality of sets of coils and the size of the coil set in one primary coil cooperates with the opposing coil set in the other primary coil and each opposing coil set Electric connection and form a single control area.

Tenter power is effectively provided to these control areas, passing through each control area primarily and passing through the tenter from one control area to the next to symmetrically propel opposing pairs of carts, as in normal pull In the machine, the rails in each loop can diverge, and at the same time the trolleys that grip the edges of the film along the rails can be separated in the machine and transverse directions.


Why does tenter control tide when pulling fabric?

Because the tenter has a heating and drying function at the time of the cloth, moisture content is the moisture content in the cloth, and the proper amount of moisture in the cloth is very important. Before the general contraction of the fabric, the moisture content of 10% to 15% control, heavy fabric control in 15% to 20%.

Tenter low moisture content will affect the process of pre-shrinking, high moisture content is not good, will produce aurora processing, wrinkling, affecting process speed. US wet card online humidity measurement and control, the moisture content of the fabric appropriate, stable, to wet through, uniform, relatively high shrinkage rate is relatively high, reproducibility of the craft is good. In actual operation, the thickness of different fabric types of fiber length, air humidity will affect the moisture content

Tenter ironing device

Tenter will be effective in the use of its cloth drafting and pin board of the fabric, the edge of the fabric will have uneven curved Ruffian phenomenon, when used in the middle with the steam after the drum iron , So the lotus leaf edge will be directly eliminated, at the same time at higher temperatures, but also to expand the width of the relatively stable size down, while ironing the cloth can be more flat and bright.