Tenter frame machine tensioner and mold center design

- Jul 13, 2019-

In the center of thetenter frame machine, the two ends of the sleeve and the tooth ring of the tooth height form a screw with the lower mold fixed to the punch and the lower mold has a high circle, and the groove is fixed on the punching machine. The punch, and the punch tip ring are formed by a circular crest ring and formed in the fixed plate high ring seal; the fixed plate top ring is formed with the keyway top ring, and the square square perforated top ring is coupled Thus, the top ring is formed on top of the cylindrical teeth, and the outer diameter of the cylindrical gear is larger than the inner diameter of the sleeve, and the square piece is printed with a highly circular bottom.

A cutting device for a tenter frame machine for a cutter pick-up roller, which is provided with an air supply duct above and below the frame material, the blow-molded tube is arranged at the correct feed end, and the left end of the cutter and the pickup roller are provided with suction The pipe and the suction pipe comprise a square inclined pipe and a vertical square pipe, and the vertical square pipe is connected to the suction fan, and the structure thereof is simple, so the application effect is good.