Tenter frame machine principle and main components

- May 10, 2018-

In the textile printing and dyeing factory, the tenter frame machine is an indispensable important equipment. With this device, the surface quality and intrinsic quality of the fabric can be improved, so that the fabric stretches flat and its width dimension of the weft width is uniform. The tenter machine equipment mainly uses the heating and tension on both sides to achieve this processing requirement.


We know that most natural fiber fabrics have a certain degree of hot and humid plasticity. Therefore, during the printing and dyeing process, after sizing, drifting, dyeing, washing, and other hot and humid processes, the entire fabric is stretched in the warp direction and the weft direction is shortened. Face is not even. At this time, the warming of the tenter is applied and the transverse drafting action is applied, so that the weft width can be widened and uniform, the cloth surface is flat and beautiful, and the deformation of the fabric during the tailoring sewing process can also be reduced.


With the development of the market, due to the different requirements for practical applications, the structure of the stenter equipment has become increasingly diversified. However, the basic components of the basic mechanism are the same. The main components include guiding devices, drafting devices, heating devices, ironing devices, cloth dropping devices, and static electricity eliminating devices. The guiding device is mainly used for guiding the fabric smoothly into a tenter device, which is mainly composed of a plurality of guide rollers, an edge sucker and a bracket with a roller.


In the tenter frame machine apparatus, the drafting device and the heating device also play an important role. The drafting device comprises two structures, namely a fabric and a needle board. In general, needles are used for cotton and wool fabrics, and silk is used for silk fabrics. They are used to fasten fabrics and apply tension-stretching fabrics to both sides. Heating devices mainly include open-type and oven-type two.


In addition, the problem of unevenness occurring at the edge of the fabric can be eliminated by ironing with a tenter ironing device. At the same time, at a higher temperature, the tenter frame machine can also relatively stabilize the stretched width of the web, and at the same time, the cloth can be evenly polished.