Tension and heating device for knitted fabric stenter

- Aug 25, 2018-

Knitted fabric stenter is a textile printing and dyeing factory. It is used to heat and stretch the tension on both sides. When operating, the fabric will be stretched flat and the width of the latitude will be narrow. A consistent device.

Knitted fabric stenter tension

The tension of the fabric in the heat setting process of the knitted fabric tenter has certain influence on the setting quality, including the thermal stability, strength and elongation of the fabric of the fabric, and the warp direction during operation. The thermal stability increases with the increase of the over-feeding during the setting, while the thermal stability of the latitudinal dimension decreases as the degree of stretching of the portal increases.

The average single yarn strength of the fabric of the Knitted fabric stenter is slightly higher than that of the unshaped, and the latitudinal change is more obvious than the warp direction. After the styling, the elongation at break of the fabric decreases, and the latitude decreases as the degree of stretching increases, while the warp direction increases as the overfeed increases.

Heating device for Knitted fabric stenter

There are two types of knitting fabrics, such as open-type and oven-type. In operation, the cotton is usually closed with a closed oven, and the silk is open, steamed and sprayed to wet.