Temperature Control and Operation of Bitumen carpet tile production line

- Oct 30, 2017-

Bitumen carpet tile production line in the production process is mainly applied to the production of carpets, production lines in the process of operation using extrusion calendering process, Bitumen carpet tile production line of high production efficiency, mainly the use of heat pipe heater, so that will Making the melt flow through the flow of non-stagnant phenomenon, thus ensuring the quality of the product.

Bitumen carpet tile production line of the host screw is a special mixing function and high plasticity design, so that you can make the plastic melt and color uniform extrusion increased, rack-type die with a special dual-flow design, so that Thickness adjustment of the plate is more accurate.


Bitumen carpet tile production line temperature control at 1 ℃, in the use of precision control of the plasticization process and the thickness of the plate and the smoothness of the roll forming roller into a platform using horizontal or vertical, so that the way the free rise and fall in the plate The operation process to provide more selectivity, improve sheet quality.

Plate thickness control using screw adjustment and hydraulic pressure roller two-way adjustment can be precisely controlled plate thickness. Pressure roller with double loop cooling system, with the mold temperature control machine to precisely control the pressure roller roller plate thickness, uniform thickness. Slicing machine, sheet length and quantity of precision. It is equipped with advanced torque motor, with four-axis automatic tension control, can adjust the speed and take the tension in order to achieve the purpose of thin sheet rolling, with the sub-device can freely set the required product width, and Equipped with automatic meter can set the product length.

Bitumen carpet tile production line of compact structure, superior performance, screw, barrel by the optimal design, the entire production process using a high-performance alloy steel professional processing, this will make the machine has a plastic uniform, stable extrusion, life Long and so on.