Talking about the principle and structure type of tenter machine

- Nov 25, 2017-

Tenter machine is a textile printing and dyeing machine which through the heating and tension to both sides of the role, and then on its expansion in the fabric that would be relatively flat, and it will make the width of the gate width is the same as that of the weft.

Talking about the principle of tenter machine, about its cotton yarn, silk, wool and other natural fiber fabrics itself is due to its certain hot and humid plastic properties, in the printing process, after scouring, boil or dyeing, washing and other wet and hot processing , the whole fabric is warped in the longitudinal direction or shortened in the weft direction, and in view of this, the cloth surface is also very uneven. In this case, the warp of the tenter frame and the horizontal drafting direct latitude to put wide and can be uniform, the cloth is also very flat and beautiful, at the same time, to a large extent it can reduce the fabric in the tailoring seam  process of deformation.

Then, on the tenter machine structure, from the basic structure in terms of words,  include a guide device, the device will be used to guide the fabric smoothly to a tenter device inside, generally speaking is composed of a plurality of guide roller or suction the edge is composed with a bracket with a roller.

Next, on the tenter machine drafting device , that is, there will be two kinds of cloth and needle board, in general, for poor cotton or wool fabric used to the needle plate, silk, adopt the cloth style.

Tenter machine there will be heating device, in terms of its own in fact,  it will include two types of open and drying room. Generally speaking, in terms of its cotton cloth, it will use a closed drying room style, silk will be exposed, heated by steam and pay attention to the spray to wet. In this case, the good quality of the tenter can be maintained.