Talking about the development of blade coating machine technology

- Mar 03, 2018-

Speaking of blade coating machine, often made of better strength and hardness alloy tool steel, Such scraper is relatively high strength and hardness, edge straightness error is small. Squeegee, the knife coater at the time of fixed operation does not rotate, Pneumatic and fine-tuning agencies to adjust and control the blade position, Coating amount control and scraping the high precision, the actual use of the time it will become extremely convenient, squeegee also very uniform.


After that, when it comes to the development of knife coater technology, when actually conducting the investigation, we find it widely used in various packaging fields, has a very broad development prospects. Blade coating machine technology is mainly used for plastic film, paper, cloth and leather and other materials coated with the composite coating processing, Such equipment will be divided into: hot-melt adhesive spray coating, light roller glue coating and anilox coating and so on.


At present, many domestic printing and packaging machinery companies are mostly composite blade coating machine equipment, For this type of coating and scraping plastic approach appears to be relatively simple, The application of coating technology is also greatly limited.

No matter what kind of coating compounding equipment, for this key part is the coating head (coating blade), no matter what kind of coating scraping method will directly affect the coating quality and effectiveness. The future development of blade coating machine technology will present more important features, including the more common measurement and size press coating is widely accepted and developed rapidly.


Finally, there are many technical challenges that must be faced with the unmanageable development of knife coater technology.

Blade coater technology in the actual use of time, there will be such as scraper marks, squeegee pressure, squeegee on the blade and scraper scraping fast running and other operational issues, then pay attention to these issues must be resolved before this technology can be more A step