Structure Type and Drafting Device of Textile hot air stenter setting machine

- Oct 25, 2017-

Textile hot air stenter setting machine in the textile printing and dyeing factory used in a wide range of equipment is a kind of heating and tension on both sides of the role of tension, the effective stretch of its fabric Ting Ting, textile hot air machine tenter opportunity to make it The width of the width of the width of the door width of a device.

Textile hot air stenter setting machine  in the course of the work, its silk, cotton yarn or wool and other natural fiber fabric because of a certain degree of a certain degree of hot and humid plasticity, in its printing and dyeing process will be effective through its scouring, Wandering, dyeing, washing and other hot and humid processing.


Textile hot air stenter setting machine in the process of processing will make the whole fabric by the elongation, weft shortening and uneven cloth situation can be through the tenter of the heating and the application of horizontal drawing effect, you can The weft is wide and uniform, the cloth is so beautiful that it can reduce the deformation of the fabric during the tailoring process.

The textile hot air blower can be used to guide the fabric smoothly into its tenter when it is used. It is usually made up of a plurality of guide rollers, a suction device, and a bracket with a roller. There are two kinds of cloth clip and needle plate, general cotton cloth, wool fabric with needle plate type, silk cloth clip type, used to fasten the cloth, easy to apply tension on both sides stretched cloth.

Textile hot air stenter setting machine heating device, in the use of the general circumstances will be drying room and open type, can be effectively used cotton closed with a drying room, silk open type, by steam heating and spray To wet.


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