Structure and performance characteristics of tarpaulin coating machine

- Sep 06, 2018-

The  tarpaulin coating machine has simple and reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, and high cost performance, which makes the device greatly help the user and improve production efficiency. With the tarpaulin coating machine, we can apply oily or water-based glue to the surface of the fabric to achieve waterproof, anti-cracking, waterproof, breathable and flame retardant functions.


For example, in various trucks and shed cloths that can be seen in our daily life, it can play the role of sheltering rain and sunshade. The tarpaulin coating machine has excellent functions, both in coating thickness control, uniformity control, temperature control, automatic operation control and safety.


The tarpaulin coating machine not only has its own functional design, but also features a high-performance, high-performance component that extends its capabilities in a targeted manner. In actual production, the tarpaulin coating machine is controlled by PLC+ inverter, which achieves stepless speed regulation and synchronous control between units to meet different process requirements.