Structural Composition and Coating Glue Requirements for Advertising Fabric Coating Machine

- May 07, 2018-

The Advertising Fabric Coating Machine is a type of coater that is mainly used in the advertising industry. Advertising Fabric Coating Machine can be reclassified to include small, medium, and large sizes, which is also a common category of equipment.

The Advertising Fabric Coating Machine is similar in composition to an ordinary coater, but there are differences in the subtleties.

The advertising fabric coating machine is mainly composed of a frame, a rotating arm mechanism, a locking mechanism, a cam block, and the like on constituent components. The rotating arm mechanism includes a master cylinder, a piston rod, and the like. In addition, the cam block has a locking concave surface that mates with the lock shaft.

Advertising Fabric Coating Machine, where the coating is correctly understood, is to apply a pasty polymer, a molten polymer, or a polymer solution on paper, cloth, or plastic film to obtain a kind of material. Composite material. This is done for purposes such as preservation, insulation, or decoration.

In advertising fabric coating machine, there are certain requirements for the use of coating glue. Specifically, the following requirements are: The curing speed must not be too fast for the early stage, and it should not be cured within 3 to 5 days, but It cures quickly after warming and completely cures in 3 to 5 minutes.