Stenter — Reduce pull mark

- Sep 13, 2019-

In the process of operation, the main technological processes are:padder, overfeed,main chain, brush and winder.In fact, simply to distinguish, the main process of stenter machine can be divided into stenter and heat setting two processes.

Tentering process: in fact, it mainly refers to the application of a certain tension force on the weft direction of the fabric, so as to eliminate the defects of uneven edges, skewness of weft and width difference caused by the force in the pretreatment and dyeing process.That is to say, after this process, the surface quality of the fabric will be significantly improved.

Heat setting process: it is to set a suitable tension for the stenter machine, and then to deal with the fabric.First it is heated to a certain temperature and then held for a certain time.As a result, the strands are rearranged in their new positions.It is cooled at an appropriate rate to hold the fabric in place.

After the heat setting of the tentering machine, the wrinkles on the fabric can be removed and new wrinkles can be prevented.In other words, after treatment, the surface quality of the fabric can be significantly improved, making it look more beautiful.

For a part of the fabric, before dyeing, printing often need to use the tentering machine equipment for pretreatment d processing.The advantage of doing this is to reduce the pull marks and other undesirable phenomena.

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