Stenter machine work requirements and heat capacity

- Apr 09, 2018-

In the process of making a stenter, a pair of stenter wheels can be rotated and mounted on a pair of support plates in the body, and a belt loop in the device can effectively wind the upper part of the stenter wheel and a plurality of rotating pulleys. It will be conveyed to the film on the stenter wheel to a certain extent, and the device will be conveyed between the belt and the stenter wheel, and is directly generated by the fan and heated by the heater during the operation.

When the stenter machine is in operation, its air flow is effectively blown against the film through the air passage. During operation, it effectively passes through the box mounted on the body, and it is recycled back to the fan. The stenter wheel is used as a stenter. Being partially cooled in the sink, the support plate can be connected to the screw to a certain extent so that the distance and angle between the plates can be changed.

During the work of the stenter machine operation, it is also necessary to timely and effectively clean the substances adhered by the filter in the room, so that the hot air transmission power can be effectively ensured to some extent. In the step of operating the pin stenter, the cold air device and the cooling water circulation system should be opened in time according to the specific conditions, so as to achieve a ring temperature ratio as much as possible on the specific product surface.

The stenter reduces the creases of its fabrics and requires an effective opening of its electrostatic system to a certain extent. This effectively ensures that its different fabrics in the polyester woven fabric will be able to oscillate smoothly and then be effectively completed.

The stenter can be able to increase the capacity of the heat setting by its general increase in tension, to a certain extent will effectively provide its fiber drawing process is particularly sufficient time enough for the macromolecule chain stereotyped heat, so that in the To a certain extent it reaches its better stereotype effect.