Stenter machine principle and guiding device

- Mar 30, 2018-

The Stenter machine  is used in a textile printing and dyeing factory, and a stenter stretches the fabric by heating and tensioning both sides of the fabric, and the width of the width of the tenter is widened. A consistent device.

The principle of stenter

During the operation of the stenter, the natural fiber fabrics such as wool, cotton yarn, and silk, etc., to a certain extent, have a certain degree of wet heat plasticity. In the process of printing and dyeing, after effective scouring, wandering, dyeing, washing and other hot and humid processing, the whole fabric is stretched in the warp direction and the weft direction is shortened, and the cloth surface is not even. Through the warming of the stenter and the application of lateral drafting, the weft can be widened and uniform, the cloth is flat and beautiful, and the deformation of the fabric during the tailoring and sewing process can also be reduced.

Stenter guide device

The stenter is effective for guiding the fabric smoothly into the tenter, generally consisting of a plurality of guide rollers, an edge sucker and a holder with a roller.

Stretcher drafting device of stenter machine

The stenter has two kinds of fabrics and needle boards. Generally, the cotton cloth and the wool fabric use a needle board type, and the silk cloth type uses the cloth, which is used to fasten the cloth surface and facilitate the application of tension stretching fabric to both sides.