Specified Size and Automatic Control of Textile hot air heat setting stenter machine

- Oct 26, 2017-

Textile hot air heat setting stenter machine in the course of the work mainly refers to the tenter in the effective will have a certain moisture absorption and humidity of the fiber chemical fiber fabric width slowly widened to the specified size, textile hot air Heat setting tentering opportunity at the same time heating drying, to eliminate part of the internal stress, coordination of warp and weft state, so that the fabric amplitude uniformity is more stable, and improve the process of weft and so on.

Textile hot air heat setting stenter machine of the edge control is mainly used in the infrared edge controller, in the traditional system will use AC variable frequency speed control, in the work is the upper and lower over feeding, brush wheel and cloth is mainly used synchronous motor and The main drive of the inverter special motor synchronous operation.


Textile hot air heat stereotypes tenter control system is mainly used in all digital, equipment, PLC, inverter, monitor and touch screen and so are used to form a unified communication, equipment, the use of circulating fan will make AC frequency control, motor and Fan direct connection.

Textile hot air heat setting stenter machine of the media drying room temperature alone automatic control, the equipment of the spray pipe is mainly used punching nozzle type, the upper and lower wind speed ratio adjustable, tenter stereotypes control system by the Omron 10 "color touch screen NS10 , High-performance small PLC CP1H with two 40-point expansion module and Omron high-performance inverter 3G3MV, 3G3RV composition.

Textile hot air heat setting stenter machine in the shape of the spindle, the next bit, on the bit and brush wheel by the inverter through the Modbus protocol for synchronous control, a total of DC bus way reasonable allocation of equipment in the start and stop process Energy consumption, improve the stable operation of the equipment and the effective use of energy.


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