Specifications and characteristics of latex mattress production line

- Dec 04, 2018-

Latex mattress production line is mainly used to produce natural environmentally friendly latex mattress, high-grade furniture latex pad, latex bedding home accessories.

Product width: 1500 ~ 2600, product thickness: 10mm ~ 100mm; heating temperature: normal temperature ~ 220 ° C, its heat source mainly steam direct heat exchanger.

Latex mattress production line is mainly composed of CNC scraping machine, steam vulcanization drying oven, three washing water roller sets, and three-layer drying oven. The foam scraping machine is a fully automatic numerical control,the steam direct-injection type vulcanization setting drying room is assembled with all stainless steel inside and outside the drying room, and the latex is vulcanized and has good elasticity in a high-package and humidity drying room.

The three washing process in the latex mattress production line remove impurities and reduce the taste of the latex, and reduce the latex natural gas content.The three-layered drying room reduces the occupation, environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency. In the production process, the thickness, speed, width, temperature, humidity, air volume and other parameters of the product can be automatically controlled by the human-machine interface.