Solidification coating and transfer coating requirements for the waterproof fabric coating machine

- Dec 27, 2018-

The waterproof  fabric coating machine is to flatten the fabric to form a uniform plane and then pass under a stationary blade. Direct coatings are primarily used to process fabrics such as nylon or polyester filament yarns. The transfer coating is to apply a polymer to a release paper to form a film which is then pressed against the fabric, in which case the polymer does not contact the fabric prior to forming the actual film.

The transfer coating in the waterproof  fabric coating machine is mainly used for knitted fabrics. The knitted fabric is more loose and easier to stretch than the woven fabric, and the direct coating technique cannot be used. Unlike direct coatings, transfer coatings are often used as the surface of materials.

The solidified coating of the waterproof fabric coating machine, also known as the wet coating, dissolves the polyurethane in a solvent and then removes the solvent under certain conditions to form a solidified body. This material is very soft and has a hole-like structure, which is the basis of imitation leather.