Side running control of stenter machine

- Sep 16, 2019-

First of all, we should pay attention to the running state of the equipment when operating the stenter machine.During the operation of the stenter machine, it is necessary to check and adjust the stacking state of the cloth in advance, In this way, in the process of entering the cloth, it can also ensure its stability.

Second,workers should also be combined with the actual processing conditions to adjust the width and the distance between the selvedge guider device, but also to adjust its pressure.

Third , in the inspection of the fabric, should be in advance to pick out the defective fabric, so as to prevent the bad side and run side phenomenon.

Forth , we also need to set up a baffle or ruler mark wheel on the bar at the infeed end of the frame setting machine, which can reduce the lateral change of the cloth surface, and at the same time it can swing from side to side, so as to avoid running edge.

Fifth, the staff should correctly operate the stenter machine to ensure its stable operation.In addition, it is necessary to adjust the tension of the machine according to the tightness of fabric structure.Remember, don't use too much tension, or you'll end up with bad edges or running edges.If the device is equipped with overfeeding device, then attention should be paid to control overfeeding, so as not to remove the needle and cause running edge.

Last, in the process of stenter operation, we also need to pay attention to the surrounding environment.For example, a larger screen can be used to solve the disturbance problem of sudden wind.At the same time, the equipment shall be inspected and maintained regularly and the damaged parts and components shall be replaced in time.

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