​Setting machine mechanical structure

- Jan 26, 2018-

The stenter setting machine is mainly composed of a main frame, a cantilever beam, a movable front bracket, a driving roller, a driving roller transmission device, a stretching roller, a stretching roller transmission device, a stretching frame, a stretching frame driving device, a tenter frame, amplitude frame transmission, hot air box and other components.

1) Driving roller part.

Part of the drive roller consist of the drive roller, gearbox, inverter and other components.Active roller drive ring fabric, requiring reversible operation,

The speed of the driving roller is continuously adjustable within the required range, so the AC speed regulation scheme is adopted.

2) stretch part.

Stretching part consist of the stretching roller, stretching frame, double-screw spindle, gear box, drawing motor, tensile governor and sensors and other components.In the process of drawing, the longitudinal tension of the fabric is required to meet the technical requirements. If the tensile force is too large, the fabric will be pulled off. If the drawing force is too small, the fabric will be too loose and will not stretch.Mainly to control the location of stretching, when the size of the stretching force to meet the requirements, stop stretching. Longitudinal tension is measured with a pressure transducer.

3) Tenter section.

The tenter section is composed of a base frame, a guide rail, an tenter frame, a tenter frame transmission, a chain with a needle plate, a chain transmission, a boom, a boom transmission and a control system.During the setting process, the position of the tenter frame is automatically adjusted according to the transverse tension stipulated by the process to ensure the quality of the fabric.The degree of tentering is measured with a rotary encoder and the pressure sensor measures the longitudinal tension tension.

4) Heating section.

Heating part is composed of the electric heater room, blower, pipe, on the hot air box, the next hot air box, the cycle controller, power regulator and intelligent regulator and other components.The requirements of the heating system is to heat up fast, small overshoot and amplitude and temperature uniformity, to ensure the quality of the fabric setting.