Safety procedures for PU fabric coating machines

- Jun 10, 2019-

In order to meet the operational safety requirements of the PU fabric coating machine, the operator's personal safety and the normal operation of the equipment are guaranteed. When finishing the PU fabric coating machine, check the power supply, whether the circuit switch is normal, do not allow the solvent to be stained, spill it on the dangerous source such as the electric box and the electric wire; when preparing the adhesive tape, pull the A-frame or the box car, follow the prescribed route. Drive, don't rush straight.


When wearing the guide cloth, wear it as far as possible when the machine is stopped. If it is necessary to wear the cloth while the machine is running, the speed must be controlled within 10y/Min. When using the pump, pay special attention to the head and hands not to reach the pump rise and fall through the area to avoid injury during the ascent or descent.


When producing a cloth with a large static electricity, water can be sprayed around the machine to reduce static electricity. Do not touch the place with static electricity to avoid electric shock. The machine should pay attention to whether the exhaust motor is running normally during operation. It is necessary to ensure that the exhaust gas generated inside the machine is eliminated in time.