Safety procedures for coating machine

- Oct 07, 2017-

1. Purpose: The requirements of the safety of coating machine operation, to ensure the safety of the operator and the normal operation of equipment, specially formulated procedures.

2. Scope: Applicable to all operators of coating machine.

3. Operation steps:

(1)finishing the coating machine health, check the power supply, circuit switch is normal, is strictly prohibited solvent dip, sprinkled in the electrical box, wire and other dangerous sources;

(2)on the preparation of the tape, pull A frame or box car, according to the provisions of the route, must not be piercing straight;

(3)wear the cloth, as far as possible in the machine to stop the state to wear, if you need to run in the machine to wear the cloth speed must be controlled within 10y / min. Especially when wearing a cooling wheel guide cloth should be extra careful, sleeves, clothes buttons to buckle;

(4)When using the pump pump, pay special attention to the head, do not reach the pump to rise, fall through the area, so as not to rise or fall in the process of injury;

(5)in the machine running process, the painted head if the pressure roller should pay special attention to not speed, so as to avoid excessive static sparks, causing a fire. Do not use iron shovels hit the pressure roller, so as to avoid sparks, causing a fire. Not free to put the hand on the high-speed forward of the cloth, so that the hand was brought into the pressure roller, resulting in crush;


(6)in the use of A-frame production process, can not enter the A-frame and the machine between the area, to prevent A-frame was pulled down, resulting in crushing;

(7)in the production process, such as the use of A-frame coiling, the need to pay special attention to the hand can not be placed on the high-speed rotation of the cloth, pull the edge of the side should be particularly careful not to be rolled into the press cloth wheel; Be sure to buckle;

(8)in the production process, do not touch the cloth press round, so as not to be hurt;

(9)in the production of electrostatic larger cloth, the machine can be around the appropriate sprinkler to reduce static electricity, do not touch the static place, so as not to be injured;

(10)machine in the course of operation should always pay attention to whether the normal operation of the exhaust motor must ensure that the exhaust gas generated inside the machine in time to exclude.


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