Safety operation requirements of the stenter for knit fabric

- Oct 24, 2017-

In the operation process of the stenter for knit fabric, operators all must comply with the relevant requirements and mustn't operate at will. This is one of the prerequisites for ensuring safe work. As a producer, we must pay attention to this problem, so before the operation, we must have a professional safety training for gas ignition workers. And they can be allowed to work formally after the success of the examination.


Other personnel mustn't operate without authorization. Normally, the staff needs to close all the gas to operate the stenter for knit fabric before entering the drying house. At the same time, it is necessary to exhaust the air in time. It is generally required to arrange personnel to monitor the drying room in order to avoid gas poisoning or explosion hazard. It should be noted that it must be equipped with a first exhaust electrical safety interlock device when igniting.


In addition, considering that the hot wind stenter for knit fabric is a airtight device, so the necessary measures should be taken to avoid the accidental incident of the door lock. If the door of the drying room uses the outer latch,it needs to be replaced by a magnetic steel magnet door closer-holder or spring auto-lock door closer-holder.

And make ensure that after entering the drying house, there are relevant personnel to carry out the guardianship work.

At the same time, it should also set up a safety sign which strictly prohibits other personnel from entering the door. In addition, the corresponding safety protection devices must be ensured. For example, the clip turntable in the cloth inlet and outlet of the stenter for knit fabric should be equipped with the corresponding safety protective cover. And the safety cover of the clip should be arranged outside the drying house to avoid accidents.

In addition, the thermal insulation materials must be laid on the periphery of the drying chamber wall of the hot wind stenter for knit fabric. At the same time, ensure the surface temperature of the insulation layer is within 40 degrees, so as to reduce the radiation heat of the workplace, and also help the operators abstract heat and heatstroke prevention in summertime. 


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