Safety operation regulations and waterproof treatment of textile coating machinery

- Jun 07, 2018-

The textile coating machine needs to spray the coating part during the operation process. During the operation, it needs to effectively spread the powder evenly on the paddle, and effectively operate the blowing device to point it at the time of operation. Between the point and the excess powder blowing blows away.


When the baking coating room of the textile coating machine is used, this part is effectively divided into three zones according to the temperature setting. During the operation, the water transferred to the paddle on the base cloth is dried. This will make the paste firmly adheres to the base fabric. This section generally uses electric heating and electric-oil heating methods, mainly composed of heating elements, hot air circulation, and moisture removal systems.


Cooling and winding of the textile coating machinery, to a certain extent, the coating is dried and then cooled via a stainless steel water cooling drum and finally rolled. Pneumatic and electrical control parts: pneumatic components, electrical cabinets, air switches, relays, frequency converters, current and voltage indicators, temperature, speed control instruments. From the unwinding process to the winding process, speed synchronization is achieved and each process can be fine-tuned.


The textile coating machinery is suitable for the coating treatment of flat textiles such as nylon, nylon spun, polyester, and other textiles, as well as the rubberized and scratched stenting of the rubber cloth. After the general fabric has been treated with water, it can not only be used as rain gear, tents, etc. It can also make down fabrics with good windproof and warmth. The machine can be used for plastic and coloring according to different processes and changing the angle of the knife edge.


Safety procedures for textile coating machinery


1. Purpose: To specify the requirements for the operation safety of the coating machine, to ensure the personal safety of the operator and the normal operation of the equipment. This regulation is specially formulated.

2. Scope: Applicable to all operators of the coating machine.


3 steps:


3.1 When finishing coater station hygiene, check the power supply, circuit switch is normal, no solvent, spilled on the electric box, wire and other dangerous sources;


3.2 When preparing the adhesive tape, when pulling the A-frame or box car, it is necessary to drive according to the prescribed route;


3.3 Wear the guide cloth as far as possible when the machine is stopped. If it is necessary to wear the cloth during the operation of the machine, the speed must be controlled within 10y/min. Special care should be taken when wearing the cooling roller guide, sleeves and clothes clasps should be fastened;


3.4 When using the pump, pay special attention to the head and hands do not reach the pump up, down through the area, so as not to hit during the rise or fall process;


3.5 During the operation of the machine, if there is pressure roller on the coating head, special attention should be paid to avoid overspeed, so as to avoid excessive static electricity generating sparks and causing fire. It is not possible to hit the roller with an iron blade to avoid sparks and fire. Do not arbitrarily place your hand on a high-speed cloth so that your hands are not caught in the pressure roller, resulting in pressure injuries.