Safe operation procedure of hot air stenter

- Nov 07, 2018-

Before turning on the air tenter, the operator should not forget to check first to ensure that the device can operate normally. Then, according to the process requirements, the temperature is set, and then the circulation fan is turned on. When the speed of the air stenter reaches 15m/min, and the predetermined temperature is reached, the cloth can be loaded.


When you are on the cloth, you should pay attention to ensuring that the ends of the air tenter are flat as much as possible. Keep in mind that the position of the machine in and out of the cloth should ensure that its safety shield is in good condition to avoid accidents. In the course of operation, if there is any problem, the equipment should be shut down in time, and it should not be negligent. In addition, the grey fabric must be seamed and not tied, so as not to damage the rubber roller and cause a safety accident.


In the daily operation process, the staff needs to maintain good working habits, especially to regularly check the heat transfer oil pipeline in the oven. If there is oil leakage, it should be disposed of in time. In addition, the cleaning of the air tenter should be done well and the air tenter should be kept in normal working condition.


It should be noted that whether it is the cleaning of the air tenter or the addition of lubricating oil, it should be carried out after the equipment has stopped running. When the air tenter is in the running state, the operation of the chain, the brush board, the rubbing roller, etc. shall not be carried out to avoid accidents.