Rubber coating machine production preparation and adjustment

- Aug 06, 2018-

During the operation of the rubber coating machine, due to the configuration of the variable frequency motor, its running speed is very stable, and the speed can be adjusted as needed, and the glue is evenly distributed. The rubber coater also has an automatic switch function, which is more convenient to use. In actual production, appropriate preparations are required to ensure compliance with production requirements.


Before the rubber coater is working, it is necessary to heat it before the glue is melted. When debugging, turn the manual and automatic knobs to the manual state. When the power is turned on, the oil pump can be started, the cylinder can advance and retreat, the belt is conveyed, the rubber head, the rubber cylinder is heated, and the glue discharge switch can be performed.


With the operation of the rubber coater, it is common to adjust the cylinder push-back button to advance the cylinder to push the piston forward. When turning to retreat, the cylinder drives the piston to retreat. Remember, when the cylinder is not heated, the cylinder cannot be moved forward and backward. At this time, the butyl rubber that has not melted will damage the piston. The rubber head is heated, and when the rubber cylinder heating knob is turned on, the heating starts. At this point the conveyor belt is turned to protect it from being burnt.