Removable design and supply method of heat setting stenter

- Jul 20, 2018-

The exhaust gas of the heat setting stenter will contain a large amount of fiber and oil. The equipment is very easy to adhere to the surface of the heat pipe during the heat exchange process, which can seriously affect the heat transfer effect. If it is not cleaned up in time, This will directly cause the smoke to clog, making the setting machine unable to work properly. The heat recovery equipment of the setting machine running on the market of the heat recovery of the setting machine can not be disassembled by welding the heat pipe and the heat exchanger shell and the intermediate partition. When the heat pipe in the equipment fails or the oil is blocked, it cannot be replaced and cleaned.


The heat setting stenter is mainly used in the detachable design. During operation, when the surface of the heat pipe during the operation of the waste heat recovery equipment of the equipment adheres to the fiber and oil, it affects the heat transfer. When the operation is performed, the heat exchanger heat preservation door can be opened in time, and the heat pipes are taken out one by one for cleaning, thereby realizing light, safe, quick, and thorough cleaning and maintenance. Thereby ensuring the heat transfer effect of the heat recovery equipment of the setting machine and prolonging its service life.


There are many ways to supply the hot air of the heat setting stenter. It can be directly shaped, the gas or light diesel oil can be burned in the machine, or it can be heated by circulating heat transfer oil or steam, or electric heating. Generally, the working temperature of the heat setting machine oven is about 200 °C, and the exhaust gas temperature is about 160 °C.