PU fabric coating machine specific uses and steps

- Mar 15, 2019-

PU fabric coating machine specific uses and steps

The PU fabric coating machine coats the surface of the fabric with water or oily glue such as PU to achieve waterproof, crack-proof, breathable, flame-retardant effects, and greatly increases the added value of the finished product, and is widely used in the textile industry. In order to achieve the best texture and quality of the finished fabric, the coating glue must be processed on the surface of the cloth in the most uniform quantity and distribution. Coating glue and process will vary depending on the customer's needs.


Under certain requirements, some products only need to apply glue to the superficial surface of the fabric, while some products require glue to penetrate the inside of the fabric to enhance the fastness and texture. The right product requires the right process and precise machinery. In the end, the finished product can be light and durable, soft and firm, waterproof and breathable, and comfortable and fireproof.


When finishing the PU fabric coating machine, check the power supply, whether the circuit switch is normal, do not allow the solvent to be stained, spill it on the dangerous source such as the electric box and the electric wire; when preparing the adhesive tape, pull the A-frame or the box car, follow the prescribed route. Drive, don't rush straight;


When wearing the guide cloth, wear it as far as possible when the machine is stopped. If it is necessary to wear the cloth while the machine is running, the speed must be controlled within 10y/Min. Special care should be taken when wearing the cooling wheel guide cloth. The sleeves and clothes buttons should be buckled. When using the pump, pay special attention to the head and hands not to reach the pump ascending and descending areas to avoid injury during the ascent or descent. .