PU fabric coating machine main structural features

- Oct 22, 2018-

Due to its adaptability, PU fabric coating machine can adapt to various coating methods, including direct coating method, floating knife coating method, transfer coating method and other different processes. At the same time, PU fabric coating The synchronous constant tension control of the laminator adopts the closed-loop control method with tension feedback, which makes the synchronous operation of the machine more reliable, the tension is more constant, and the service life of the release paper is increased.


The drying room design of PU fabric coating machine adopts reasonable circulation fan and air blowing tube structure to achieve the most reasonable air volume control and uniform temperature. Thanks to its high-precision design and manufacture, the accuracy of the scraper and the main roller is guaranteed, thus ensuring the quality of the product.


In addition, the coating head scraper reset mechanism of the PU fabric coating machine adopts high-precision design and manufacture to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy of the scraper holder reset. The coating head can be equipped with a computer clearance controller to achieve automatic adjustment of the blade holder reset mechanism.http://www.xindoumachine.com/