PU fabric coating machine basic composition

- Jun 25, 2018-

PU fabric coating machine, which is a kind of coating machine, this kind of coating machine is aimed at the PU fabric material, so it is definitely not the same in the equipment structure, performance, otherwise it can not meet the PU Fabric processing requirements.


The basic composition of the PU fabric coating machine is mainly the following:

Relieving part: including motors, speed reducers, and unloading racks.

Pulp coating section: The slurry is extruded through a small hole and attached to the base fabric so that when the rolls are moved forward, the slurry can be formed with a regular pulp spot to uniformly coat the base fabric.

Drying part: It can be set into three zones according to different temperatures, and the pulp spot on the base cloth is dried, so that the slurry can be firmly adhered to the base cloth. In heating mode, it is electric heating and electric-oil heating. In composition, there are heating elements, hot air circulation and dehumidification systems.

Cooling and winding section: Cooling is mainly carried out using a stainless steel water cooling drum, followed by rolling work.

Pneumatic and electrical control parts: On the components, there are pneumatic components, electrical cabinets, air switches, relays, frequency converters, current and voltage display temperature and speed control instruments, etc., and they are required to be able to achieve the entire process of unwinding and winding. Speed synchronization. In each process, it can be fine-tuned.


The PU in the PU fabric coating machine, whose Chinese name is polyurethane, has good wear resistance and low temperature resistance, and has good softness. In addition, this kind of material can be combined with knitted fabrics and non-woven fabrics into various fabrics or linings, and can be combined with two or three layers of different films. So, this is a very good material.