Production Steps and Maintenance of non-woven carpet back coating line

- Nov 09, 2017-

Non-woven carpet back coating line in the process of making its main steps are from the rough open machine - fine open machine - vibration to the cotton box - carding machine - shop machine - pre-piercing machine - barbed machine - the main machine - into a roll machine and other equipment. Non-woven carpet back coating line in the usual use of the process must pay attention to its maintenance work.



Non-woven carpet back coating line in the maintenance process is mainly cleaning, fastening, adjustment, lubrication and corrosion and other major maintenance content, the mechanical parts must be based on the maintenance of mechanical equipment to carry out the operation of the rules, Effectively in accordance with the provisions of its strict implementation of the maintenance work, reduce the wear rate of parts.

Non-woven carpet back coating line in the routine maintenance of the process of China is mainly in the clean, lubrication, inspection and fastening as the center, in each class before the car, work and after the car should be required to carry out routine Check for maintenance. Routine maintenance is done independently by a mechanical operator.

Non-woven carpet back coating line in the regular maintenance time, will be effective according to its various non-woven equipment maintenance requirements, to achieve the required working hours or a specified time, must be carried out on a regular basis.

Non-woven carpet back coating line produced by the production line is a green, tough and durable and handsome products, in the use of good ventilation, can be reused, can be washed, the use of long.