Process requirements and shutdown procedures for PU fabric coating machines

- Aug 17, 2018-

The PU fabric coating machine needs to set its coating working mode and related parameters during the operation, then effectively turn on the compressed air, start the drying fan and the drying temperature controller during operation, and turn on the automatic deskew and tension controller power.

The temperature of each section of the PU fabric coating machine can reach the temperature required by the process. When the operation is performed, the coating device hopper can be fed, and at the same time, the coating machine is started at the same time, and the diamine is coated.

PU fabric coating machine shutdown program

1. Confirm that the coated pole piece has been wound up and then stop.

2. Turn off the heater power of the equipment. When the temperature of each section drops below 60 degrees Celsius, stop the drying fan and other fans.

3. Stop the compressed air.

4. Disconnect power from the corrective cabinet and control cabinet.