Process requirements and inspection system for textile hot air setting machine

- Sep 29, 2018-

In the modern textile printing and dyeing industry, the textile hot air setting machine pays great attention to the post-treatment process of the fabric. This is mainly because the post-treatment process has a very important influence on the quality of its products, especially in the When using the stenter equipment to maintain the proper internal humidity, the fabric will be of the best quality to better meet the needs of consumers.


If the textile hot air setting machine is not properly controlled during operation, it will directly cause the quality of its products to be greatly negatively affected, and it will also cause energy waste. In order to better meet the requirements of the production process, we can monitor the moisture content of the exhauster to control the water vapor content inside the stenter. From the current situation, there are many companies that still use simpler manual methods for control.


The textile hot air setting machine can directly use its device to complete the detection of its stentering machine. The device can detect the exhaust gas humidity in real time and online, and control it, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. It also saves a lot of resources and also guarantees the quality required for the fabric.

In fact, this set of stentering machine exhaust humidity monitoring system is mainly composed of three parts, namely moisture measuring sensor, field control equipment and executing motor. In this system, the ARM chip is mainly used as an embedded microprocessor, and then the zirconium dioxide sensor is combined to collect humidity information, touch screen setting parameters, and also display specific exhaust humidity and site time.