Precautions for using a heat setting stenter machine

- Nov 17, 2019-

1. Some special varieties are selective to the machine and must be processed according to process requirements or notifications.


2, Refueling, changing varieties must be connected to the cloth stop, can not park the normal cloth in the machine.


3, different varieties of joint processing, the cloth width difference of 5CM, to be connected to the wide-width transition guide cloth processing.


4, the cloth should be light-colored and then dark; first bleached and then white, not mixed together.


5, after the production of white, should produce special white cloth, can not be directly used as bleaching cloth.


6, into the cloth seam head, to ensure that the remaining seam of the seam does not exceed 2CM, and timely clean the floor cloth and head.


7, when processing the packaged cloth or need to unwind the sample, you should pad the bamboo mat and use the mast shield to prevent stains.


8, must be replaced and recorded in a timely manner.


9. Turn off the power switch (OFF) when the sewing machine is not in use. Do not put cloth, rags and other debris on the countertop.


10. During the production or delivery of fabrics, do not allow any part of the body to come close to the machine or other pressure points to ensure safety; when wearing cloth or cleaning work, it must be stopped.


11, for the package cloth only the same process can be rolled into the same volume. The "same process" means that the product name is only different in the serial number, the finishing process is the same, the formula is the same, and the width of the cloth clip is similar (the difference is not more than 3 cm). For the different processes, a maximum of two rolls are allowed in one roll, and the middle is connected with a guide cloth of 50Y or more.


12, pay attention to the cleanliness and maintenance of the surrounding environment during processing (responsible for the first half of the machine and its circumference

Surrounding environment).