Pre-work preparation and distribution method of textile hot air heat setting stenter machine

- May 04, 2019-

The textile hot air heat setting stenter machine can be arranged in two ways, depending on the production needs, in the form of a cloth or a roll. Both methods are driven by a motor to drive the chain. When the cloth is discharged by the roll cloth, the tension stability of the cloth is required to be high, and the cloth needs to pass through a tension adjusting guide roller controlled by the air cylinder. In the case of a cloth-type drop cloth, the cloth does not need to pass through the tension adjusting roller to change through a fixed guide roller.


Textile hot air heat setting stenter machine preparation work

1. Wear the guide cloth according to the prescribed route (or check the worn guide cloth).

2. The cleaning machine can effectively check the needle clip for debris and organize the surrounding environment, such as floor cleaning, cloth cleaning, cover cloth specification, plastic box cover cloth, guide cloth cover cloth, etc.

3. The textile hot air heat setting stenter machine classifies the fabrics to be produced according to the process conditions, and the cloth of the same process (recipe) is concentrated.

4. Check the relevant information on the process card and the box card, and adjust the tension of the cloth according to the requirements of different varieties, the width of the whole weft detection, the width of the tenter width and the width of the suction edge, and at the same time the air pressure of the edger. At the same time notify the chemical personnel

5. Grasp the production schedule according to the plan, and pick up the goods to give priority to