Performance and technical parameters of the textile hot air stenter setting machine

- Dec 25, 2018-

The textile hot air stenter setting machine is mainly used in the process of dyeing and finishing laboratory for drying, shaping, resin processing baking, padding baking and heat fixing, such as resin processing, hand test, stereotype test, etc. .

Performance of textile hot air stenter setting machine

1. Equipped with stainless steel needle plate holder, adjustable latitude and longitude. Keep the fabric structure flat during the test.

2. Automatic temperature control, accurate control of test temperature, in conjunction with hot air circulation, to ensure that all parts of the oven reach the set temperature.

3. Automatic timing control to simulate different working hours.

4. Easy to operate and save time.

Main technical parameters of textile hot air stenter setting machine

1. Insulation control time: within 30 minutes of heating time (room temperature -200 °C), the flushing temperature can be determined.

2. Electrical system: using pid control, temperature, holding time can be set, there is an alarm beyond the set temperature.

3. Hot air circulation system: the hot air is circulated by the fan to make the temperature in the chamber more uniform ±1.5 °C;

4. Fan: The fan power is 150w and the speed is 2800 rpm.