Pay attention to several issues when the machine coating

- Jan 03, 2018-

1.Tension adjustment: When the coating to be adjusted according to different cloth different tension, uneven tension will result in coating uneven, thick places in some places, and the feel will be uneven, there are Hard place where soft.


2, Blade adjustment: When coating according to different coating requirements to adjust the different blade, one blade thickness, according to different requirements of the coating to choose different thickness blade, the wrong blade can not be guaranteed the quality of the coating ,can not reach the optimum coating effect. The other is to adjust the gap between the blade edge, Keep head on both sides of the gap the same, not one side of the small. Otherwise it will result in uneven coating, and even some products will cause left and right color cloth, such as painted white or painted.


3, cloth cleaning: the actual is the cloth when the coating is clean, because the coating surface if there are thread or fine sand, then these small things will be stuck in the Tu knife, it will cause Tu Slippage at the level, resulting in defective. So in front of the knife, the cloth to be cleaned. The general solution is to put a brush in front of the knife to brush the thread and fine sand on the cloth while sprinkling some water on the ground to keep the humidity of the air so that the dust on the ground will not fly, Small electrostatic adsorption. If you get stuck at the edge of the sliver, then the operator should be the fastest speed scraping it.


4, drying room temperature control: different requirements of the coating, curing temperature is not the same. So to control the temperature of the coating. The temperature is too high, can cause hand feel hard, easy foaming. Temperature is too low, can cause sticky, poor fastness, easy to fall off. Strictly speaking, the temperature of the drying room should be from low to high, usually three-stage drying room from low to high. The first paragraph of the temperature can not be too high to just control the boiling point of the solvent in the glue slightly higher, so that the solvent in the glue completely volatile, too high will cause the solvent has not evaporated to start curing gel, The second part of the drying room when the remaining solvent will destroy the surface of the film, resulting in blistering, will result in the quality of the coating. For example, water pressure coating, destruction of the surface of the coating film will destroy the water pressure. The third drying room temperature to control the curing temperature of the coating glue. The temperature is low, it will cause the coating glue has not fully cured, will be sticky, serious will affect the fastness. High temperature will cause the hand to feel hard, brittle. Destroyed the physical properties of coating glue.


5, coating speed control: with the above temperature, coating temperature and speed is to be strictly controlled, it will directly affect the quality of the coating. Because the coating glue curing depends on two conditions, temperature and time. Although the temperature control is good, if the time is not controlled well, it will affect the coating quality. Because two conditions are indispensable. So control the temperature at the same time also have to control the speed. Speed too fast, curing time is not enough, it still can not be completely cured, can cause sticky and fall off. Speed is too slow, too long in the drying room, it will cause the hand feel harder, brittle. Moreover, productivity is low and energy is wasted.