PA coating and PU coating difference

- Dec 18, 2017-

PA coating

Polyacrylate coating glue (Polyacrylate referred to as PA) is one of the commonly used coating glue.


It has the following advantages:

a, resistance to sunlight and climate fastness, not easy to yellow;

b, good transparency and compatibility, is conducive to the production of colored coating products;

c, good wash resistance;

d, strong adhesion;

e, the cost is lower.


The disadvantage is:

a, poor flexibility, easy to wrinkle;

b, poor surface finish;

c, feel difficult to regulate moderate.


PU coating

Polyurethane coating (Polyurethane referred to as PU) fully known as polyurethane.




Its advantages are:

a, the coating is soft and flexible;

b, coating strength, can be used for very thin coating;

c, coating porosity, with moisture permeability and aeration performance;

d, wear-resistant, moisture-resistant, dry-cleaning.


The disadvantage is:

a, high cost;

b, poor weather resistance;

c, water, heat, alkali to hydrolysis.


Difference PA vs PU

PA coated white and PU coated white or painted PA and PU transparent glue,It is difficult to distinguish from the appearance,However, PA and PU are still different.

One is the feel: PA feel more crisp while PU the smooth, PU elasticity better than the PA;The other is the luster: PA no luster, PU shiny luster; another PU has a good sense of film, feels a sense of the membrane.

In short, PU brighter, flexible, filmy, and PA do not have these conditions.


Of course, relying on these general novice is still very difficult to distinguish, to teach you a trick:

1, with the rubber pressure on the cloth and then put it up, PA will follow the eraser adhesion and PU is not sticky.

2, a few drops of toluene on the coating surface of the two cloths (if possible), and then rub gently with your hands (pay attention to protection, hands do not directly touch toluene), PA coating will fall, PU will not fall .

The reason to sub-PA and PU, mainly based on the required coating of the fabric requirements may be.