Operation function and coating method of the banners coating machinery

- Jan 12, 2019-

Before the banners coating machinery is applied, the screen of the clean stretched net needs to be loaded from the front of the coater. In use, some models can also be loaded into the screen from the side, in the case of large format frames. In the design of the model,the side mounting is more common, mainly because the frame is large and bulky, and the side loading makes the lifting amount and the amount of movement smaller. When the automatic screen coater is operated online with other automatic screen processing equipment (such as cleaning equipment, recycling equipment, drying equipment and developing machine), it is more convenient to mount from the side.

When the banners coating machinery is operated, no matter how the screen is installed, once the screen is in the correct position, its pneumatic clamping device or mechanical clamping device is closed to lock the screen.

In order to make the operation more convenient, many models have pedals to control the folder movement, and the operator can free up his hands to control the screen.

After the screen is installed and the corresponding emulsion is poured into the automatic coater, the coating can be started.

Depending on the function of the control system and equipment, the equipment can simultaneously coat both sides of the screen.

There are two ways to apply the banner coater. One is to apply the emulsion on the screen through multiple wet and wet operations;

Or add a drying process after each coating. A machine for metering a liquid (or melt) polymer material such as a binder or a coating on a surface of a material.

It is suitable for the production of soft substrates such as PVC/PE film. Simply put, the glue is applied to the film.

Specific includes coating, drying, winding and tension control. The film may be PVC, PE, PET, etc., and may also be some paper, such as a hot melt adhesive coated on the release paper.