Operation and use of materials for curtain cloth coating machine

- Apr 26, 2018-

Curtain coating machine operation

(1) First, turn on the power to the coater device. After pressing the power button, set the parameters such as the working speed of the coater according to the specific material. In this way, the correct but appropriate working speed can be obtained.

(2) Close the protective cover of the coater to prevent the light from spilling out of the coater. Then, start the device and let it start the coating operation.

(3) When the coating operation is completed, open the protective cover and remove the material.


The shade cloth can be obtained through a curtain cloth coater. However, this involves a distinction between single-side coating and double-side coating. There are three types of shade cloths, one is the original grey fabric, the back is a PVC coating, and the other is a mesh-like grey fabric plus a PVC cloth. There is also a blend of linen and cotton.


In addition, the curtain fabric material in the curtain fabric coating machine can be obtained by weaving. However, in addition to weaving this method, we can also use other methods, but weaving this form is more common, it can guarantee a good use effect, in the curtain cloth coating machine, there is a good processing effect.