Operating procedure and composition requirements of heat textile hot air stenter setting machine

- Apr 10, 2019-

Operating procedure of heat textile hot air stenter setting machine

1. Start-up of heat-textile hot air stenter setting machine

When the operation is performed, click the button of the feeding mechanism to enter the operation interface of the feeding mechanism, and click the upper left corner to control the main control switch to red.

2. Click the button to enter the cloth feeding mechanism and click the main control switch in the upper left corner to red.

3. Press the reset button “RESET” on the operation panel, the indicator light will be off, the power-on indicator will flash, the power-on indicator will be pressed, the chain will rotate, and the acceleration indicator will flash.


Part of a heat textile hot air stenter setting machine

1. Forming machine entrance frame and width limiter: It can help the cloth guide to unfold and correct the cloth, and can choose high and low position to enter the cloth.

2. The composite center corrector (guide) has the function of guide cloth and straight line correction.

3. Sizing machine (rolling mill) pressure water and sizing

4. Speed compensation device (displacement detection wheel) can control the tension between the sizing machine and the setting machine

5. Wire gauze correction product, can correct the thread or line arc of the cloth area

6. The central control panel centralizes all electric adjustment functions above the entrance box, covering 95% of the operating functions of the entire unit.

7. The edger and the edge tracker are responsible for the unfolding and edge tracking function of the front edge of the upper needle.